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Get to know the women behind it all, TalEx’s fun and fearless leaders, Julie Dacar and Amrita Grewal. Discover how they broke the mold of the talent industry, started TalEx and built it from the ground up to become the success it is today.


So, you were having tremendous success, going on all expense paid company trips, you had a car allowance, and you’ve exceeded all your quotas but you left all of that behind to start something from scratch? Why? What inspired you?

Julie: My clients weren’t just my clients, they became my friends. These were relationships that I had spent years cultivating. I used to cringe every time I would have to transfer my relationships and clients to someone who wouldn’t put in the time or effort to execute the way that I would. Therefore, I knew without a doubt in my mind that I wanted to build a business where myself and everyone associated with my firm could proudly say they are part of a company that truly cares and knows how to execute. Then TalEx was born!

Amrita: The decision for me was simple — it was either disrupt or be disrupted. The service levels clients were receiving in the marketplace were beyond disappointing not to mention shocking! The lack of care and transparency with candidates & contractors were hard to believe, and it became ever so apparent that both candidates & clients only wanted to work with a truly collaborative, embedded partner who genuinely cares more about making the right placement than their bottom line!

Proudest company moment so far?

Julie & Amrita: Disrupting the industry by displacing the status quo. Being told by our largest enterprise client “We know we’re taking a RISK by betting on you, but we’re 100% confident we’re making the right investment”.

What’s the hardest thing about founding your own company?

Julie & Amrita: Growing 14x in one year. Securing financing to support the unbelievable growth, only to run into obstacle after obstacle because traditional financiers don’t understand how it’s possible to have this much growth in a matter of just a few months. That taught us not to take NO for an answer and to have a plan B, C, D…you get our drift 🙂

Is there such a thing as work/life balance as a female founder?

Amrita: Ha!

Julie: There’s no such thing, but when you love what you do, it doesn’t matter.



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Learn more about TalEx’s fun and fearless leaders!


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