It’s Simple.

Our purpose is people. Our mission is to build a company people love that offers unprecedented customer service. Our goal is to make connections and solve problems.

If you’re tired of generic staffing companies or, conversely, big-name consulting firms, which promise you the world but hardly deliver, you’ll find TalEx’s agile, responsive, straightforward and lean recruiting practices to be a breath of fresh air! We’re a small firm with a big footprint without the unexplainable cost!


Why We Do It

Our goal is to create a personalized hiring experience. Let’s be honest, with the frictional unemployment rate at virtually zero percent, qualified candidates are not sitting in a database or waiting to be hired off of a job board. Conversely, they are looking to partner with well-informed recruiters who truly understand their clients. The same goes for our customers: they want the best of the best. There’s an art and science to making that match, and we don’t stop working until we’ve made the right connection.

Stand Out

How we stand out from
the Competition

But why should I go with a smaller firm like yours when there are so many big, established companies in this space?

It may have once seemed impossible to go up against big, established companies, but that just increasingly isn’t the case anymore.  Big companies, especially in the workforce management space, have long, drawn-out bureaucratic processes that quite frankly are outdated and too slow to respond to the ever-changing landscape of hiring and retaining top talent.  Whereas smaller companies that are truly embedded partners can be an outsourced extension of your current recruiting models.  There’s a war for talent out there, and you need to lock arms with a firm that knows how to truly tell an intimate story about your mission, what it’s like to come and work for your organization, and genuinely draw parallels between the goals of the individual and the business challenge that you, our client, are trying to solve.  The key is to tell a seductive, inspiring, yet realistic vision of how one’s life would improve if they made the choice to make that move.  That’s where TalEx comes in. You finally have a company that cares more about their people and purpose then they do about their bottom line.